Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Choices

Mathematics is my favorite subject. I want to leverage on- the language of Scientific postulates- (Mathematics) and reasoning deduced for testimonies of fact. In the present scenarios it will effectively mean supporting any argument with numbers and follow up the train of thoughts with numeric induction/deduction.

Then, aesthetics play very important part in my choices and I believe choices are what make one's life. I will borrow lines from John Keats who said "A thing of beauty is joy forever and its loveliness never fades into nothingness". Taking forward I would say that aesthetics has always driven business and once the kick of aesthetics is instilled in its fabric then the entire garb of business stays beautiful and inspiring for progress evermore.

Taking things forward, art of making friends- which in professional sense is networking- is an important aspect which can prove tactful in many situations is what needs to be regularly garnered. Being a global citizen is what can prove useful at this juncture, ergo learning a foreign language which in my case- taking one step at a time- is Deutsche, might turn out a trump card. 

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